Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Good While Dieting

So, I wanted to lose weight, obviously, after baby number 2. In an earlier blog post I wrote about my new found love of running, and that has seriously helped me to tone and burn some calories. But for some reason, I couldn't get those pounds to come off, and this was all due to my diet, and I knew it. I am a foodie at heart. I love to eat, cook, cook, and eat. I love to try new dishes, and eat until my hearts content. Unfortunately, this isn't a good way to lose weight, I've found. Running alone will not cancel out all of the second and third servings of dinner I had the night before. Or the ice cream. So, reluctantly, I decided to give Weight Watchers another try. I did WW for about 2 months after having Maddy and lost 15 lbs, but quickly lost my momentum when I did some traveling.
I was dreading starting it. I wanted to lose weight, and I knew it worked, but I wasn't ready to make the sacrifice. But WW works for me, because food is all based on points which are derived from the food's calories, fat, and fiber content. So it's a concrete plan, and that works for me. I learned I wasn't good at "winging it" when it came to dieting. Food would always win.
So I've been at it for about 4 weeks now, and have lost about 7 or 8 lbs already. They have a breastfeeding plan, and my milk supply actually got better after I started the plan. The secret is to learn to eat wisely. I am a lot hungrier throughout my day, but if I make poor choices and eat 1 cookie for a snack instead of 1 cup of grapes, 1 yogurt smoothie, and 1 rice cake for the same amount of points, I will be starving by dinner. I have learned that if there is junk food in my house, I will eat it. All. I have learned not to buy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (1/2 the fat) because measuring out 1/2 cup at night doesn't really suit me when I want to binge and eat half the carton. I have learned that I need to keep lots of produce in the house to snack on, because if there aren't options, I will head for the junk food.
Anyways, I just wanted to share some yummy recipes and food options I have been trying over the past few weeks. I actually think I have been eating better as far as tasty meals, way more produce, more water, and taking my vitamins more regularly (things that are all tracked on WW.) I got this great cookbook while I was attending WW meetings last time called "From Pantry to Plate" Easy Meals from Foods You Keep On Hand. I think I have referenced it before. Here is some of the yummy stuff I have been eating!! With points values included:

(FYI: I get 27 points per day, so I try to keep my breakfasts at or around 6 pts, my snacks between 2-3, my lunch and dinner between 6-8, and usually try to leave 2 or 3 points for dessert.)

Ranch Style Eggs Over Polenta (6 Points)

Brazilian Stuffed Chicken Breasts
(4 points for 1 whole stuffed chicken breast!!)

Curried Shrimp Noodles with Basil (5 points)

Egg Muffin Sandwich
(Whole Wheat English Muffin with reduced-fat cheddar, 1 slice of turkey bacon, 1/4 cup of egg substitute or liquid egg whites) (5 points)
Berry Waffles
(2 frozen waffles, toasted, 1 cup of fresh mixed berries smashed with 1 packet of splenda, 2 Tbs. syrup)
(6-7 points depending on syrup)

The last 2 breakfast meals were actually my own creations. It is pretty fun to come up with versions of the things you like or were already eating, and make them fit into a diet. We have been trying so many WW meals, and loving them!! Of course, Tad gets to eat more of it than I do, but they are so good. Again, it's about being prepared, planning in advance, and seeking accountability where you are weak. I'm no expert in this area, and I have definitely cheated, struggled, binged, and been too hungry at times. But as I am losing weight, I'm figuring myself out and learning how to be more efficient and smart about what I eat!! Maddy is always asking me, "is this for your diet? Am I gonna like it though?"
If you want any of the recipes for any of the above meals, just email me at or leave a comment and let me know where I can email/message you! Happy dieting everyone!!

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  1. YEAH!!!!!!! I love it.....i believe in it so much.....keep it up!