Monday, July 19, 2010


Ahh, finally, a much needed vacation!! Every two years, my grandparents pay for a big beach house for my mom's side of the family to all gather and spend a week. We rotate between the beach and the mountains, and this year was the beach at Outerbanks, North Carolina!! Tad loves the mountain vacations, and I love the beach vacations, but both are really fun!! Tad likes more active trips, so for this beach vacation, he rented a kayak and a surf board. More on that later!!
We drove to the beach house, and it was an excruciating 23 hour drive!! We left at 8pm on Friday night and arrived at 7pm Saturday evening. Needless to say, the kids were ready to get out, but it was definitely worth the drive!!
This is my idea of a vacation. This is our pool at the house, and one day while the kids napped, I got to just lay out, listen to music, read a magazine, and get a tan. Well, a sunburn, but whatever. This is a rare treat for me these days with 2 kids! I enjoyed every minute of it!

Judah's first swim trunks, and he was having fun splashing in the water. I know, he's adorable!!!
Before we left for the trip, Maddy learned to hold her breath and swim. She was swimming with floaties and jumping into the pool. But while we were at the house, she learned to swim without her floaties, at 3 years old!! Tad used to be a swim coach and said he couldn't believe how much she was doing at her age!! She can jump in the deep end, hold her breath, and swim to Tad! It certainly takes a lot of worry away with swimming pools to know that she is learning how to swim!! Good job, Maddy!
We not only used the kayak in the ocean, but in our swimming pool. As you can see, like father, like son. Start 'em young.
A little kayak adventure in the pool.
Nana and Papa enjoying a well-deserved vacation. It was good to see them and spend time with them on vacation. My parents work so hard, and I'm glad they could come down!
Well, the waves weren't too big in the pool, but the girls did get their surf on!!
Carting the kayak down to the beach. Tad and my cousin Emily.
My brother-in-law Bill, and my nephew Gabe.
Judah just chillin in the baby backpack.
This girl is such a fish! She could have spent all day down at the beach. She loves the water, and the sand! And collecting jelly fish rings, or whatever they are called.
A little flip with the kayak, but everyone is ok!
Love this time of night, the beautiful colors over the ocean.
Judah had to get used to the waves crashing over his feet, but then I think he liked to cool off after sitting in the hot sun.

I could seriously get used to this.
Trying to get some more family pics on vacation!! Family pic #1.
Chocolate sandwiches (nutella) were the favorite of the trip. Swim hard, play hard, and come back and each chocolate sandwiches and then crash for a nap.
Boopa (Grandpa) and Judah. They are so cute together! 79 year difference. They almost have the same birthday!!
Each family takes a turn making dinner for everyone. Tad and I made spicy Indian style chicken kabobs, grilled asparagus, savory quinoa, and a chocolate trifle for dessert!
My cousins Emily and Charlotte, and me. Their family is in China serving as missionaries. They couldn't come back to the states this summer as planned, but the girls will be going to school here so they were back and could go on the trip with us!!
Happy boy!
Entertained by daddy! We love when Daddy doesn't have to work!

Nana and the 2 grandsons!
Swimming, swimming, swimming.... Oh and by the way, that is my niece Arianna.
Who needs clothes on a beach vacation??
Family pic #2
Awesome storm brewing over the ocean. We were all taking pictures from the third story deck.
Getting closer.
Arianna. She will be going into 1st grade in the fall already!!
Maddy! Homeschool Preschool in the fall!
Auntie Em, Auntie Em!!
It's a twister!!
After the storm we saw a double rainbow! Awesome!!
Kinda hard to capture, but it was beautiful!
A big Thank You to our grandparents for making this trip possible!! Thanks Boopa!
Thanks Grandma!!!
Family pic #3
My cousin Emily and Maddy. Her and I had some good talks, a run by the ocean, and quality time together. So good to see you, Em!!

Huge jellyfish!!!
Ahhh. Vacation.
I LOVE this guy!!!
Tad rescued a balloon out of the water for her so she dragged it around with her on the beach.

Maddy's footprint.
She never wanted to come out of the pool. Usually accompanied by kicking and screaming. Well, at least screaming.
That's my husband!! I think he caught a couple waves. He said it's much harder than it looks. But he gets an A for effort!!
Yes, he's eating wipes. Gotta keep the boy entertained somehow!!
Sunset not getting any justice from my camera.
We brought Maddy's new big girl bike (which she named Chum-Chum) to the beach. She loved it. Actually she rode it more in the huge beach house than she did outside!! But at least it kept her entertained!
Lifeguard post by the boardwalk to the beach.
Cool sand art. Maddy wanted to ride it.
My cousins from Florida minus one who was in Colorado. Jacob, Boopa, Jessica, Grandma, me.
Last night of vacation, walk on the beach.
Right before he zonked out in the backpack.
Family pic #4 + 2 random dudes in the background.
We had a great time!! We are still getting into the swing of things, being back. Catching up on sleep, adjusting to routines, getting Judah back on his schedule. Thanks for checking out our pics!! We were glad for a little break and time off work for Tad. And a big thanks to Jason for feeding our fish, Tweety, and watering my plants!!!
Happy Vacation!!


  1. Looks like a blast!! stinkin' fun. Made me want to be there....and is it just me, or is Judah the happiest baby ever?? Seriously...the boy has a smile on his face all.the.time. ;)

  2. Love to see about your vacation!!! Judah is getting to be such a big boy!!! Everything looked so lovely! And way to go Tad for trying to surf- it is SO HARD, huh?!!! I stink at it! :) Praying our hubbies overnights are coming to an end!!!