Friday, January 11, 2013

Classical Conversations Week 13

Well, it has certainly been busy around here and I didn't even get around to doing a blog post about week 12! I can't even remember that far back so I think we will just skip that one and get right to week 13, shall we?
It was so nice to have those 2 months off from CC, as we needed to breath a little, celebrate the holidays, and just rest with family. After all the celebrating was done, of course!! But now, we are back to the grind again, and we are on the way towards the finish line! We are now more than halfway done!
This past week was kind of a crazy week. The kids were all pumped up about being back. I know Maddy was so excited and couldn't wait to go back. This created some craziness in the classroom, but hopefully they had fun while learning the concepts from week 13! And each week, there are highs and lows, things that worked and things that didn't, and with this being my first year, it is all a learning process for me. This week I learned that games that are individual (meaning that each child has their own turn, and they go in order) do not really work. The kids get bored waiting for their turn, and when my attention is on the person whose turn it is, it is hard to keep the others paying attention and waiting for their turn. I get that. And I definitely learned that after this week's review game. So when you get to that part, remember my mistake! If I had some older kids it might have gone better, but for the young ones, it is hard to keep them still and quiet waiting for their turn!
So this is what we did this week:

Timeline: went over new motions, sang the Timeline song on the cd
History Sentence: did hand motions to go along with the song on the cd
Latin: played "Marco Polo" with the noun cases, one person was blindfolded and would say, "Nominative" while two others hid somewhere (easily accessible) and would say "Subject" and I would lead the blindfolded one until they found them, and so on.
Geography: used plastic car or dinosaur to find Western Africa, traced new geography, glued a stamp in their passports
English: Hands on knees and kind of bounced while saying "A Helping verb helps another verb assert action (made an action pose), being (both hands out, face up), or existence (stand pencil straight.)
Math: Liquid Equivalents: Printed out a sheet for each child with the info on it, and brought in examples of a cup, a pint, a quart, and a gallon.
Science: Used a printed sheet showing the 6 parts of the earth to be memorized, said and repeated them. Tried to get them to memorize core, mantle, and crust together, and then hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere and explained what those meant.

Science Experiment: Just used what was provided for the experiment.
Fine Arts: Giotto, printed off some of his artwork from CC connected.

Presentations: Impromptu. I made up different subjects so I could hear about everyone's Christmas break, but the kids all pretty much wanted to talk about their favorite present that they got, so I let them! 

Grammar Review:
Brought in huge hopscotch squares and let each child roll the dice. Each number represented a subject (except Timeline, since we kind of review that when we sing the song), and after they answered the question they just did the hopscotch. It wasn't my best grammar review game by any means!!

Hope this helps you for Week 13!!

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