Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Those Special Moments

There are crazy days when you are a stay-at-home momma with your kids. Draining days. Sleepless nights. Times that drain your emotions. And it takes lots of work.
But then there are those special moments that make it all worth it. Those times when your baby only wants you. The times when you sing your cuddling baby to sleep. When your daughter only wants you to read her bedtime story. When your baby crawls over to Sissy because he wants to play with her. Bath time when the kids are splashing each other and laughing. And who cares that they're making a mess!!

Baby laying on your shoulder sleepily before bed. That sweet smile that only mom gets. The times when you see them apply some principle that you've been drilling into their heads since birth, and it finally clicks and takes action in their lives. Daddy lovin' on the kids, and the kids lovin' it.

I look forward to many more of these special moments as my kids get older, and I hope to take time to ponder these times, and let them carry me through the tough times. Being a mom is all worth it in my book!!

What are some of your favorite times with your kids?

The times that just melt your heart?


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! :) I'm so glad you found my blog so that now I can read yours! Those granola bars look delicious, and your kids are absolutely adorable btw! :) Looking forward to reading more! XOXOXO