Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Wedding, a Race, and Donuts

We have done some fun things this Fall, including a close friend's wedding, going to the Chicago Marathon, and making donuts for school. I'll tell you all about it!

Let's just say, Trader Joe's chocolate frozen bon-bons were a hit!! They are awesome, and if you live by a Trader Joe's, you must try them. We are moving away from this amazing chain, and I might have to stock up on these!!

Someone enjoyed them!!
Maddy looking all grown up at the playground.

For the letter "D" for school, we made Donuts, and had a blast!! I'm telling you, I was skeptical about how these would turn out, but they were delightful, to use a "D" word!! We made them for Daddy, and a guy at our church who helps lead the Children's Ministry at our church, David!! We hope they liked them!! We sure did!!
Having fun cutting out the donut dough.

The Chicago Marathon was October 10 this year in Chicago. They run 26.2 miles throughout lots of different parts of Chicago, and they actually run right by our apartment building. We always go to Moody and watch them run by (they run by on one side at mile 3 and the other side at mile 11). Last year, Tad ran the marathon. This year we went and helped my friend with her 4 kids who was by herself and cheering on her husband who ran the marathon. Emily is one of my dearest friends here in Chicago, and we frequently have playdates with our kids, and thoroughly enjoy each other's company!! So glad we went!
Moody had lots of orange stuff (hairspray, face paint, sign-making stuff) to cheer on the World Vision runners. Our girls enjoyed it!
This is right in front of our building. You can see the "Atrium Village" sign to the left. Everything pretty much shuts down in Chicago on marathon morning.
About a half block from our apartment, between our apartment and Moody, with a view of the Willis Tower (the Sears Tower for those true Chicagoans).

Christine, Maddy, and Gwen. The older kids, and then I have Judah (10 months) and Emily also has 6 month old twins. So it's quite the crowd when we get together for playdates!!
My friend, Jess, came into town and stayed with us for a week, and she helped take care of my kids while I was out of town for a wedding I was in. It was so great to see her again, and to catch up! The day of the wedding, they all came out to the wedding about an hour outside of Chicago!
My dear friend and college roommate for 1 year at Moody got married, and I was so glad to have been in her wedding! It was one of the most God-honoring weddings I have ever been to. I know her family and know they are godly, devoted parents and have raised amazing children. The bride and groom actually helped lead worship on the piano and electric guitar, which you don't see at every wedding!!
Maddy is forever the flower girl's friend. She is intrigued by every flower girl at every wedding and can't wait to be one!! Hopefully one day!! These two girls hit it off and played together at the wedding and reception! And Maddy danced the night away until almost pure exhaustion! We had a blast!
The beautiful couple cutting their wedding cake!
A picture where we are actually all looking and smiling!!
Family shot with too much sun behind us!

Love all of you dear people who read my blog! Always fun to know who is keeping up with us!! Drop a line if you have time!!

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