Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Left Out Summer Photos

We had a fun, eventful summer, and I had so many pictures and things I hadn't blogged about! So this blog post is just a big jumbling of our random summer!! We didn't do that much stuff with people this summer, like cookouts, having people over for dinner, or playdates. With Judah's schedule of naps and bottles, we stayed at home more in the mornings, and tried to get out in the afternoons. So sorry to the people we used to hang out with more, you know who you are!! We were out of town a lot, more than usual for the summer, and felt like we were barely at our church either between travel and being sick. But alas, we are back in Fall mode with a full calendar and our move coming up fast. So, in no particular order is part of our random summer:

We were out at a playground one afternoon, and we heard some cool music. As we wandered over to a park, we saw an Art Festival going on in Lincoln Park and Maddy was quick to find this little free art studio where they would provide you with paint, an easel, and paper. Maddy loves to paint, so she was excited to get to do this, and I was excited it was free!!

Twice a year I shop at a resale for all my kids clothes. It takes the temptation out of buying them clothes all year long at expensive stores, and it gets it all done in one fell swoop. Of course, Maddy is not shy to tell everyone that, "Mom got this from the resale!!" Thanks, Maddy. Here is Maddy in our laundry room with her $2 lifesize doll from the resale and her new Princess dress from Costco (not resale!!) that she will wear for Halloween to "Slime Time" at church!!
It's hard to see here, but Judah is actually holding onto the swing and Tad isn't even holding him!! It's hard to withhold your motherly fears!!
Dairy Queen after jogging to Oz Park!!
Having fun on the tire swing at Oz Park.
Tad's cousin, Trevor and him have been long time best friends. Him and his wife and 2 kids came to visit us in Chicago!! They stayed in our apartment and we had lots of drama with our 4 young kids! We stayed at the Four Seasons with them for 1 night, and then just hung out the rest of the time. Here are the boys with their double strollers and kids!!
Daddy's with their girls. Precious!! They both have girls first, and then boys!! They live in Edmond, OK so we are excited to be seeing more of them!! And his wife, Julie, is awesome! I have treasured the short times we have shared together and look forward to more playdates with them!
At the Four Seasons (actually the Ritz Carlton, it's owned by the Four Seasons) I have gotten this breakfast every time I go. I can't find it anywhere else, or a recipe for it. It is divine!! It's called Swiss Birchermuesli, and if you know how to make this sweet, cold oatmeal-like breakfast, you better share!!
Good Morning, Four Seasons comp night style!!
The girls with their gourmet kid food.
The gourmet adult food!!
Maddy turned 4 this summer! We usually have a birthday party in the city, but this year we happened to be in Ohio for her birthday, so we decided to have a family birthday party at my grandparents house in Thompson!! It was a Hello Kitty themed party, and Tad made the cake all by himself!! I was so impressed!!!
My cousin, Charlotte, stayed at my grandparents this summer. This is her trying to get at the candy in the pinata!!
Hit it, Maddy!

Good job, Daddy!!
We went to Ohio for my cousin's wedding. This is a shot of our little family at the wedding!!
These are the cutest little carts at Target!! They both sit behind the cart, and since Judah just started sitting in the cart without the carseat, I thought this was the cutest thing!!
Forgive me if I already blogged about this, because I can't remember. Mommy brain. Maddy did a summer reading program at our local library, which is right across the street! She had 25 books read to her and did 25 book reports where she drew pictures about the story. She hadn't really started drawing yet, so this was definitely out of the box for her. I didn't know if she would make it, but she did all 25 book reports and was quite the little artist when all was said and done. It not only was good to read all those books, but she really got into drawing and learning to draw new things. Way to go, Maddy! I was so proud of her!
Attending the final party at the library! They had the kids make different crafts having to do with art, and some thank you notes for some of the donors. And they got to pick out a new book at the end!
They all got a shirt that says Reading is Art-rageous! She was so excited to get hers like all the other kids!! The shirts were kind of big, so we made hers into a little dress with a belt and leggings. We went to a weekly story time, and she had a blast!!
We also did VBS at Moody Church this year, which hosts around 300 kids for their VBS. This is the "set" for the worship time in their sanctuary. Maddy loved going everyday!!
One night we were invited to go out with the new conductor of Women's Concert Choir and some of the previous/current girls of WCC. I was in WCC for all 4 years at Moody, and we traveled around and did concerts. It was so nice to meet some of the new girls, and to eat in Chinatown in Chicago. Maddy kept telling people we were going to China!! You can see behind the "L" tracks that Chinatown is in the background.
We got yummy bubble tea smoothies!! Thanks Dr. Hong (ordering her smoothie)!!
Such a fun part of Chicago!
Much of our time in Chicago in the summer is spent at the beach. We will miss the beach when we move to Oklahoma!! We will have to find something else to do in the summer!
This pic belongs up there with the library ones. This is Maddy and the children's librarian who led the reading program and the weekly storytimes. They became good friends. Thanks Annie!!

So goodbye, Chicago summer. We sure will miss you!! You have been good to us!! Hopefully, we can visit you soon.


  1. I was inspired by your question and did a little research. Check out these two recipes:



  2. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to try them!!

  3. Here is another recipe, if you haven't already found one you like! :)

    Bircher Muesli:
    1 medium -coarse chopped apple(red or golden delicious work well)
    1/2 cup raisins
    1 banana in 1/4 inch slices
    1 orange, chopped
    1 cup muesli mix ( see recipe below) or as much as you need to get desired thickness
    1 non-fat fruit yougart (you can use non-fat milk or even soy-milk instead

    1 lb. rolled oats
    1 lb Barley flakes
    4 oz. Mixed nuts, chopped
    4 oz. Mixed dried fruit

    Bircher Muesli;
    Mix together all ingredients,and from here on its your choice of other additions. One cup of Strawberries, peaches
    , blueberries, nectarines, even mango, plums, pears,pitted cherries. Whatever fruits happen to be in season.

    Put the oats in a bowl & stir in the remaining ingredients until evenly mixed. Store in an airtight container.

    Some people prefer muesli thick enough so that spoon will stand up straight if stuck in; others like it thinner. Adding more liquid, and letting it sit for a bit will produce a thinner, creamier Muesli