Sunday, October 21, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 8

Well, after the "off" week I felt like I had on week 8, we had a really good week for week 9! I was so pleased with how things went, and I was so glad that I had a review game that was different and kept the kids moving! We had visitors this past week, one of my students was back after her family adopted 2 kids from Ethiopia, and we had a lot of material to cover! So it was a crazy week! But the kids had so much fun and I was glad to do some different things with them that kept their attention and got some of their energy out!

Week 9

Timeline: introduce new cards and learn hand motions
History Sentence: for the Age of Imperialism, I printed off pages that said Imperialism, 1858, 1877, 1948, a picture of Mohandas Gandhi, and a picture of fireworks (for independence). I had the kids stand in a circle and hold each of these and hold them up when we said them in the song, and the 2 that didn't have cards would pretend to sip tea when we said British, and pretend to place a crown on their head when we said Queen. They loved it! And they loved being Mohandas Gandhi!
Geography: Used maps to find new geography and review old geography, kids glued their "stamps" for China onto their passports, they always get a plastic car, fish, dinosaur, or airplane to find their geography
English: We always use the preposition motions and do our preps to the tune of Yankee Doodle per our campus.
Latin: Since it was a review week, they played musical chairs but they had to sing the Latin tunes or they were out automatically. I let the "out" kid back in every time, so we didn't remove any extra chairs. They had a blast!
Science: We said monocot, dicot, conifer, oh my! Like the Wizard of Oz, and held up 1 finger, 2 fingers, and made a triangle for conifer.
Math: I printed off a math sheet from CC connected that had all the numbers printed with bugs and so they put their finger on the numbers as we sang the song.

Grammar Review: We did review stations (as suggested by one tutor in my comments section! Thanks!) where 2 parents and myself ran them. We had 3 kids to each station, and each parent would quiz them on 2 subjects and then they would get a sticker on their shirt, and switch stations. When they had reviewed in all 3 stations, they got a medal necklace ($1 for a package of 8 at the dollar store!! )

Treasure Box: Every week, they get to put a sticker on their sticker chart if they were good, and every other week if they have both stickers, they get to pick one thing out of the treasure box. I remind them of this every week as motivation to be good! I have had to take away a sticker from a couple of kids, and as sad as it was, I think it was a good reminder to be good and shape up! They seemed better after that!

Hope these ideas help, and as always, please share your ideas in the comments section for me and other tutors who visit this site!! They are very helpful! Especially when you are planning and you get "tutor's block!"

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