Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Birthday, and Puppy, and School!

Well, I haven't done so well keeping up with this 'ole blog! I apologize!! Life has been so busy and writing a post gets pushed to the bottom of the list! I have actually had this post written for a couple weeks and have had problems uploading pictures to the blog, so that took awhile to figure out! So sorry! I feel so behind in writing about all that has been going on with us!! We have had a lot going on!!
Maddy had her 5 year old birthday at the end of August! It was extra special that my grandparents from Ohio came to visit and got to be here for her birthday party! We had a wonderful visit with them, and they enjoyed seeing the new little town where we live! Anyone else brave enough to come visit us down here in Oklahoma? Grin :)

(Maddy, hidden behind the pony, with her friends at her birthday party!)

(My Little Pony birthday party!)

For her 5th birthday present, we decided to get Maddy a puppy. The long-awaited puppy she has wanted since she was old enough to voice it. We promised her we would get one when we had a house in Oklahoma. And finally, it happened!! We have had Minnie for a couple weeks, and the kids have really enjoyed her! She is a sweet, hyper, crazy puppy and fits right into the mix, especially for my sweet, hyper, crazy 5 year old! We have enjoyed getting to the dog park where all 3 little rugrats can get their energy out! Judah thinks the dog park is for him! He plays on the dog stuff more than Minnie does!
(The day we brought her home!)

(Headed to the playground, with Minnie riding in the stroller!)
(Lovin' on the puppy.)
(Tad is so happy to have a dog!)

And finally, Maddy had her first day of kindergarten. Once again, we are homeschooling this year and building on what we did in preschool. We had a good first day, and I enjoyed turning Maddy's room into a little makeshift school room. Hey, it works! It also works out perfect that Tad works the afternoon shift, so he can watch/entertain Judah while Maddy and I get some special, important one-on-one school time. She has a great attitude about school, and is doing really well!
(Maddy's first day of kindergarten!)
(Working at her desk on schoolwork.)

(Little corner nook for school.)
(Luckily we had room to move some stuff around so that her room is her school room too. She loves it!)

So hopefully that catches everyone up on our most recent big events around here! We are finally having an awesome break in the weather, which has been so nice. Especially since that means that we can get outside more! We had up over 100 degree days for over 60 days and someone told me that this is the hottest Oklahoma summer in Oklahoma history! A great first summer for these northerners!! We were melting! But now, with these cooler nights, school starting back up, schedules coming into place, and Fall quickly approaching, I am a happy lady! Not to mention I'm finally in my second trimester, so I'm feeling much better! Hope you all are doing well!

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